Relationships- mirrors for our expansion

Relationships – Mirrors for our Expansion

“I am a reflection of you and you are a reflection of me, it is within our heart’s transparency that we will begin to truly see.” —Chantelle Renee

The relationships in our lives are our greatest gifts and our greatest teachers. They offer us companionship, shared experiences, they teach us to trust and to love, they provide us with family and opportunities to co-create, they promote growth, and so on. Relationships challenge us, they lift us up and lower us. Those we are in relationship with love us and they hate us—and everything in-between. We could not expand our souls without having relationships. We came here not only to experience true love but also to experience messy love, painful love, and lack of love—all of these are lessons on our path back to the unconditional love we descended from. Many people struggle with relationships. It can be difficult to find balance in interactions with others, to learn to trust those we are in relationship with, and it can be challenging to create a safe haven within relationships in which to flourish and grow without resistance. As you navigate the relationships in your life, it is important to remember that you are not here to change anyone, you are here to evolve personally.

All relationships are sacred gifts, and learning to nurture them and grow in them will bring peace and understanding to your life. Be grateful, therefore, for both the perceived “bad” and “good” relationships you have experienced—they have all served you on your journey of self-discovery and self-love. All of your relationships serve to reflect your expansion and contraction as an individual. Without them, there could be no contrast, exploration, or growth. As you mature spiritually through your relationships, you are able to explore new levels of interaction with others, and to gain a new appreciation of what it means to be human. In this way, you can experience deep, unconditional, and awakened love.


As you engage in your daily relationships, be mindful that they are mirrors for you—and that just as you are experiencing “the other,” and projecting upon them, they too, are experiencing you and projecting upon you. As you open your heart and mind to another person in relationship, as you become vulnerable and transparent in your interactions with them, you discover that your true power lies in engaging deeply with one another. If you embrace the idea that “I am a reflection of you and you are a reflection of me,” you will deepen your spiritual experience and thereby obtain a deeper intimacy with the other person. You will begin to appreciate that while each individual is unique, everyone is on their own spiritual journey and everyone brings a unique perspective to their relationships. We must, therefore, be open to learning from one another, and we must look at one another as teachers and soul-mates, each of us offering the other an opportunity to learn to love ourselves deeply, so that we in turn can love others freely. Until we are able to do this, we will stay in a cycle of imbalanced relationships. The ultimate achievement is to be able to give and receive love freely, because this is when we are the most aligned with spirit.

We will have many soul-mates on our journeys. Some will inspire us and some will devastate us. Yet, every encounter is a gift that serves us on our path to self-discovery. When we evaluate our past relationships, we can see how they have had a direct impact on our current views. But reflecting on these past experiences is not negative, for our relationships have taught us many priceless lessons and have prepared us for this period in our evolution.

To truly learn from our interactions with others, we must observe the past without judgement, we must step out of our egos and into our hearts. Then, we will discover that no matter how our relationships have unfolded, we carry with us the emotional gifts and spiritual lessons that we have acquired from and through them. Giving and receiving love freely may sound simple; however, it can be difficult. For some people, it’s easy to give, but not to receive. For others, it’s easy to receive, but not to give. You will never be able give or receive unconditional love and acceptance from another until you can love yourself unconditionally and forgive yourself. So, the first relationship you need to reflect upon is your relationship with yourself.

All relationships you may engage in thereafter are reflections of your relationship with yourself. To love yourself is to speak up for what your desires, needs, and wishes are—up front, transparently, with no hidden agenda. We can only love others the way we love ourselves. As you travel through life and learn the lessons provided in your relationships with others, you discover that you are worthy of love that can meet you in your depths as well as in your shallows. You must learn to love yourself deeply, for we can only meet another in the depths that we have met ourselves in. We can often project upon others how we expect them to love us, but it’s important to remember that others can love you only in the way they love themselves. They can only meet you in the depths of love they have been in themselves. Expecting that another’s love will fill you up will always fall short. First, you must love yourself, all else will follow.



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