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Sound healing helps to relieve mental, emotional and physical stress. It does this by introducing a coherent sound into the field and allowing the body’s nervous system to begin to relax and move from a ‘fight or flight’ response to a ‘rest and digest’ response.

Sound healing uses the coherent waveform produced by a tuning fork to resonate with, and then entrain the body back to balance by working to restore balance in the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. Humans are just as electrical as they are chemical and BT works by working with the electricity of the body.

Our memories and traumas that we experience not stored in our brain, like once thought, but in the field that surrounds our body – in chronological order – like rings on a tree. Traumas and situations that caused an emotional upheaval in your life also cause a distortion in the electromagnetic (EM) field around you. Tuning forks can easily pick up this dissonance in the field because a tuning fork creates a coherent sound, so it changes in pitch, timber and tone when it hits a discoherent spot.

By gently combing through the field with the tuning forks I am able to re-regulate this discoherence by entraining the body to become harmonic. Using the tuning forks, I move this stuck energy in the field back into alignment over the chakras of the body. The stuck energy has mass and a different density then the energy around it. When the energy is returned to the chakras and recirculated throughout the body the body returns to homeostasis and becomes balanced.

“We must clean up the disharmony within to align to the perfect harmonics of the universe.”

-Chantelle Renee

This process can take up to an hour depending on what I find. I use positive intention as well as reiki during my sessions. I use some of the best tuning forks available, they are custom designed and engineered for powerful energy momentum. You can learn more about Biofield Tuning Forks at


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Chantelle Renee

Chantelle Renee