Chantelle is awesome. Her past life hypnosis helped me to remove tension causing my rheumatoid arthritis. I was nervous and she impressed me with her calming caring nature! I regressed to late 1800’s wearing heavy clothing in a rigid manner. Nothing I would imagine. Days later I’m fascinated that my muscles feel good & painless. Thank you, Chantelle, & your divine light you lovingly give! -Selena Midden
Dan Lord  recommends Chantelle Renee.

Chantelle has great insights, and clarity. She’s a rare woman that speaks with an open heart and compassion for people.

Dana Monroe reviewed Chantelle Renee — 5 star
She is totally clear & has a very healing, encouraging presence… No gimmick or jive, only straight truth ! Refreshing !
Alvin Adhin reviewed Chantelle Renee — 5 star
Five stars all the way. A brilliantly awakened spiritual being and teacher on our planet, full of knowledge, wisdom, and creativity. <3
Harry Brister reviewed Chantelle Renee — 5 star
She’s absolutely on point and speaks without fear for what we need as human beings existing together. To say that she is awake is an understatement!
Mary Szarowicz
She is so easy to listen to and she has much to offer in terms of her spiritual insight to help you get through day to day.
Vivian Martinez-Ferris reviewed Chantelle Renee — 5 star
Nick Harris reviewed Chantelle Renee — 5 star
Valerie Brown Oliveira reviewed Chantelle Renee — 5 star
A Breath of Fresh Air ~ An Angel who guides us with messages and truth.
Deepak Kumar Jha reviewed Chantelle Renee — 5 star
She’s making impact on lives of thousands of people in a positive way. A leader for awakening and on path of spirituality. Much respects for you mam.High regards for you 
Mark Sampie reviewed Chantelle Renee — 5 star
She knows the truth her messages always hit home and cut through the falsehoods of your fabricated lies that hold people on their knees in subjugation of the few…”A warrior of truth “
Omar Prince reviewed Chantelle Renee — 5 star
Vana Barberis reviewed Chantelle Renee — 5 star
Thank you for sharing. It adds much value and I am eternally grateful!
Brian Fulginiti reviewed Chantelle Renee — 5 star
Jose Fierros Rojo reviewed Chantelle Renee — 5 star

Chantelle. Truly, you are a divine Angel who has come into this world to serve as the messenger of truth. Here and now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for fulfilling your mission. Blessings.

Makénok Vanier reviewed Chantelle Renee — 5 star