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“A human being is a part of the whole…(and)… part limited in time and space. He experiences himself…as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” —Albert Einstein

How would your life change if you believed that life on earth is a school for your soul’s evolution and that you—in your physical body—are a student in this school of life? What if, by being here, your soul is assuming a role in the ever-expanding consciousness of creation itself? What if the goal of everyone who incarnates on Earth is enlightenment and ascension into Divinity? And, what if, in the end, we are all unique expressions of Divinity having an amazing human experience?

I believe that the response to all of these What if questions can only be: “It’s true!”
When we arrive on this earth plane, we are pure Source energy / Divine creative energy / the Prime Mover incarnated in physical bodies. We are, in a word *God*—or whatever name you wish to call the great creator of all things. An incorporeal, nether-worldly energy has come to earth to experience life in a corporeal form. As *God*energy on a journey of exploration, we are here on a mission—to experience life in the physical world. Our greatest aim is to expand our souls. In each lifetime in this physical world, our unique stream of consciousness that is Source/*God* energy (i.e., our individual soul) abides within a human physical body. As we cross the threshold from the non-physical nether realms into the physical world at birth, our souls forget their spiritual source and who they truly are. This is imperative so that we can become fully present in the physical, three-dimensional realm. Only by forgetting who we truly are— eternal, Divine beings—will our souls have the greatest potential of mastering the balance of polarity and duality here on the earth plane. Were we able to remember our spiritual selves and our Divine lives on the other side easily, we would all be flocking like lemmings to the nearest cliff—because Earth School is sometimes too hard to bear and, if we could, we’d all make our way home immediately. So, while for the purposes of the soul’s growth it is desirable not to remember our lives at home in the spirit world, it can also work the other way. So, it is paradoxical: it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that life here in the corporeal world is all there is, and we can fail to learn life’s valuable lessons simply because we lack the awareness that we have intentionally incarnated to learn. In a way, it is as if our souls come to the physical world to play a game of self-mastery, while simultaneously assisting in the evolution of the human race, and raising the level of human consciousness.

When our game is done, and our human bodies die, our souls find their way back to their home to the world of spirit—where their accomplishments are celebrated by the soul families who know how difficult it is to be at “Earth School.” As our souls journey into the plane of matter in each human lifetime, we are offered opportunities to undergo unique experiences that are vital to our soul’s expansion. Just as on earth, a baby must grow into a child, into an adolescent, and into an adult, in the spirit realm there are also infant souls, toddler souls, teen souls, adult souls, and old souls. In each lifetime, each type of soul chooses to become strong and empowered, and thereby learn its lessons—or unhappy and weak, and thereby live life avoiding its lessons in this incarnation. It is up to each soul whether or not to awaken in this physical realm—and if the soul chooses simply to enjoy the physical experience of being on the earth plane, then its lessons can wait until its next incarnation. The soul alone is ‘in charge’ of its own progress—and if it chooses to remain in Grade 1 for eternity, that’s okay! Most souls, however, actively seek expansion. So, they descend down through the Divine light into the plane of matter and density to experience separation from the Divine as well as the many facets of human emotion that they cannot feel in the spirit world. Walking in earth’s gravity is a huge challenge for the soul, as the low, dense energies on earth are difficult to navigate compared to the higher-vibrational realms our souls are used to moving in. We each incarnate from pure source energy, the highest vibration of All That Is. We each come from perfection to experience imperfection—and when our lives are over, we rise again to Divine perfection. Over the course of many soul journeys and many incarnations, we will each fully master the polarities offered here on earth. Being mindful and aware helps us to direct our energies towards our intentions—which, as noted, are to grow, experience, and expand into Divine awareness.

In order to learn and grow, before we incarnate we choose the people in our soul groups with whom we make what are known in the New Thought movement as “soul contracts”—pre-agreed experiences and events that will assist both us and them in mastering our lessons. Those lessons are frequently about love and forgiveness. The souls and the experiences we choose are catalysts for triggering us into feeling and facing emotions that will serve our evolutionary process. Thus, our earth families, friends, lovers, co-workers—even strangers with whom we experience significant life events—are all mirrors for our soul’s expansion.

Being in Earth School is surely a challenge for the higher vibrational soul, but be that as it may, all is as it is designed to be. Your soul/energy is a gift to the ever-expanding consciousness of creation. You are at the forefront of All That Is; and the Divine knows itself through you and your experiences. You are a direct reflection of the ALL; you are a unique expression of Divinity; and you are valuable to creation itself, for you are creation itself. So, whether we are aware of it or not, we human beings are all here on the physical plane to experience spiritual growth, to expand our personal consciousness, and to expand the consciousness of the collective. As developing souls, we have all had many past incarnations/ lives. Each lifetime was a part of our soul’s evolution and we each continue to return to earth to complete our lessons and to clear our karma so that we can move on to a new space of exploration in the creative, cosmic process. Just as children on earth must start in kindergarten and graduate Grade 12 by passing all of the grades in between, our souls must also learn spiritual lessons, and, as each lesson is learned, our vibration is raised and we vibrate more closely in tandem with the godhead. Remember, spirituality is not something you seek. You are spirituality itself—a spirit experiencing physicality. We are both the students of life and the teachers of its lessons. So, are you ready? School’s in session!

“Everything in existence is our teacher—if we are open to perceive it and then receive it.” —Chantelle Renee

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