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Aligning with the Divine Book Release – Chantelle Renee

Hello and Welcome! My name is Chantelle Renee, author of Aligning with the Divine, I’m so happy to share with you that my book is now published and available! This project is very special to me, and I hope to share some of that excitement with you here.

I’ll be using this blog to interact with you about Aligning with the Divine, expanding on some of the topics in it and blogging on some of the ideas related to my book as well as other conscious content that will serve you on your spiritual journey. This is a great place for you to get to know me, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you too.

Why I wrote this book..

I wrote this book to assist the reader to align to their higher minds, their hearts and their spiritual power. Much of the chaos in the world stems from the lack of awareness of the beautiful and magnificent beings that we truly are. This book is my offering to support those who are waking from their spiritual slumber giving them tools to reclaim their Power, Passion and Purpose.


About the book:

Aligning with the Divine

This book is a resource you can turn to again and again to guide you on your path towards spiritual awareness and empowerment. The insight the author shares will help you to incorporate heart-centered science and spirituality into your life. You can use the wisdom in these pages to cultivate a deeper understanding of existence, to tap into your power as an eternal, energetic being, to expand your consciousness, and to connect directly to the Source of All That Is And Ever Has Been. Aligning with the Divine reveals ancient principles that unlock some of the universe’s most well-kept secrets. This arcane knowledge will serve you well in your spiritual awakening and empower you to co-create with the Divine.

You can use this book to help you to:

  • use the laws of physics and metaphysics to manifest the life of your choosing
  • practice energy awareness and management
  • dive deeply into your subconscious mind
  • challenge your borrowed beliefs
  • tune into your intuition—your own direct connection with spirit
  • understand the human body’s energy field
  • navigate your emotional state
  • break self-sabotaging patterns that have kept you from living your greatest potential.
  • love yourself on a deeper level
  • learn to tame your ego and practice non-judgment
  • create an action plan for manifesting miracles
  • and much more!


Aligning with the Divine book cover




Aligning with the Divine will challenge your mind, inspire your heart, power up your soul, and help you tap into the magic and wonder of becoming who you were born to be!







I am happy to share a few reviews with you!


Chantelle Renee is a prophetic wayshower. Her teachings are one gentle breath of inspiration that will fill your vessel’s sails and offer you guidance on your sacred journey to align with the divine here and now. A brilliant and much-needed book.

            ~ Dr. Joseph Pierce Farrell, Dean, Disciples Seminary Princeton and internationally

              best-selling author of Manifesting Michelangelo


Aligning with the Divine is suffused with the soul of the Ancients. It is a How To book for the spiritual initiate—it teaches the principles of Spiritual Alchemy, the Laws of the Cosmos, and the

Way to divine transcendence!

~ Stewart Pearce, Voice Alchemist and Angel Whisperer


Aligning with the Divine is an engaging look at the world of spirituality, life’s great mysteries, and the power we all hold as human beings. It opens the door for your self-discovery of love, forgiveness, and healing. It is a well-written, coherent book for those who are looking for more truth about who we really are and who are seeking a deeper understanding of the meaning of life.

          ~ Renee Cefalu, Author of Serenity of the Mind: The Process of Self Mastery


Aligning with the Divine is a masterfully-crafted book that people in all phases of life can use as a personal guide to help identify their inner calling, discover their purpose, and manifest their inner gifts to become the best version of themselves to share with the world.

           ~ Brian Fulginiti, Author of A Positive Mind One Day at a Time


Aligning with the Divine takes the reader on a journey through the labyrinth of awakening spiritually. Chantelle Renee’s noble offering seeks to lighten your load as it lights your road.

           ~ Sacha Stone

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Aligning with the Divine is a must-read book—whether you are a beginner or a master of the universe and its teachings. Every time I picked it up, I felt inspired and was left with an inner peace. Chantelle is an inspirational and talented writer; her words have gifted me with an awareness of how powerful positive thinking can be and have enlightened me about the creative principles of the universe. I am truly impressed and hope to read more from Chantelle Renee soon!

           ~ Carrie Schleusner


Chantelle Renee is a gentle and inspiring guide. Her teachings are in perfect synchronicity with universal law. Her loving guidance inspires readers to align with their divine essence. Aligning with the Divine is a brilliant contribution to human evolution.

           ~ Theresa LePre Rivera, author, Explore your Sacred Truth, and Expressions of the Heart 


What a deeply profound, earthly, and esoteric work Chantelle has compiled within the covers of this book! Her words are illuminating, thought-provoking, and challenging—and yet they bring inner peace. Aligning with the Divine prepares readers for their soul’s journey; reveals their soul’s purpose; and unifies heart, mind, and spirit.

           ~ Martin Mihalache, Aura Soul Healing


The divine feminine vibration, so long suppressed, is now emerging to lead us with ancient wisdom and sacred truths. Chantelle brings this energy forward full force in Aligning with the Divine. Her book is a must-read during our Earth’s current shift in consciousness.

           ~ Todd Medina, Founder, Soulogy


Ms. Renee has given us a positive approach to understanding our current relationship with the Divine. She teaches us how to find our own personal power and purpose through self-awareness and self-love. She guides us through the steps to creating change—so we can become our best selves. Aligning with the Divine is a beautiful, inspiring work.

           ~ Lisa Hagan, Co-publisher, Lisa Hagan Books



 Available at Barnes and Noble, Balboa Press or Amazon








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