Hello and welcome,

My name is Chantelle Renee, I am a board certified clinical hypnotherapist, energy specialist, author and catalyst for spiritual growth and healing.

I use hypnotherapy,  spiritual counseling, energy balancing and pattern shifting to assist my clients facilitate personal transformation.

My style of therapy is custom to fit your specific needs. We can address a wide variety of issues

✓Smoking Cessation
✓Weight loss
✓Healing cancer with the power of your mind
✓ Stress & Anxiety Management
✓ Spiritual healing
✓ Energy detox
✓Fears & Phobias
✓Peak Sports Performance
✓ Academic excellence
✓Manage Addiction
✓Memory Loss
✓Conquer bad habits
✓Past-life Regression
✓Enhanced Intuition
✓Emotional Integration
✓Self-Love & Self-Esteem,
✓Connect to your Guides & Angels
✓Guidance from higher-self
✓Spiritual Empowerment
✓Energy Balancing

Just to name a few!

Take advantage of my FREE 15 minute complementary consultation call to have any questions answered about how hypnosis works and can help you achieve profound transformation in your life.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

During your complimentary phone consultation with me, you can talk informally about what your issues are, what you hope to gain from hypnosis, and how I can tailor a program to meet your needs.

On your first visit, you can establish your long-term goals for your upcoming sessions, regardless of whether it’s to break a negative habit, reduce your stress, get past your fears, relieve chronic pain, or build your self-confidence as well as explore your spirituality.

I will discuss the hypnotic and energy healing modalities that I use in my practice to make powerful changes in your life. These methods work to uncover any negative emotions and beliefs associated with your behaviors or symptoms, I will help transform these into positive emotions and beliefs to help alter your life patterns for true lasting change.

I take an integrative approach and may combine various modalities in a single session to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible. As part of the transformative process, I will supply you with tools and techniques that you can use daily.

Take the first step. Schedule a complimentary phone consultation, together we will assemble a unique plan to create transformation in your life. 

Chantelle Renee

Chantelle Renee